The Keeper’s Shadow

Cover of the Keeper's Shadow.

This last book of the trilogy has certainly been the hardest to write. There are a lot of threads and characters in the first two books, and it’s taken time to weave the final tapestry.

Roan discovers much more about who he and Stowe really are as a great deal of the history of the conflict between Roan of the Parting (his great-grandfather) and Darius is revealed, along with a closer look at the connection between the white crickets and Mabatan’s people (the Wazya), and the history and nature of the Apsara.

Roan knows there will be no future without defeating Darius. In order to do it, he’ll have to draw these small pockets of survivors together and attempt to make peace with the Brothers and the Hhroxhi. But perhaps an even greater challenge is how he’ll accomplish the task with the least amount of bloodshed. For Roan can never forget where he comes from.

The Keeper’s Shadow is slated for release in fall of 2006.

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