• ELIZABETH DANCOES has been my story editor and collaborator for many years and has been an incredible source of ideas, advice and energy. Her stamp has gone onto virtually everything I’ve written for many years and her own writing has been an ongoing inspiration to me.
    Her prose piece, Lunch, is a collaboration with the fabric artist Eleanor Hannan. Her story concerns a mysterious lunch that’s eaten by an even more mysterious woman in an airport. This link provides you with a virtual exhibition of the show— The actual show has been seen in galleries from Vancouver, BC, to London, England.

    Elizabeth introduced me to the painter, SUSAN MADSEN, who went on to paint the covers for the Longlight Legacy. But the two of them have been collaborators for quite some time, and Susan created an incredible series of paintings based on Elizabeth’s poems. It’s called A Harrowing of Hell, and is based on the ancient Sumerian tale of Inanna’s descent into the underworld. It’s an extraordinary, breathtaking collection—

    For more on Elizabeth and her plays, visit Playwrightsguild Canada and

  • SUSAN MADSEN is a painter of great imagination and power. Elsewhere on this site you can see her sketches for what became the covers for The Dirt Eaters and Freewalker. For a fuller view of her paintings, be sure to visit
  • THE WRITERS UNION OF CANADA is an excellent spot to get information about the state of writing in Canada and can provide very useful information for aspiring and established writers.
  • PRAXIS FILM CENTRE is part of Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts and offers workshops and readings for screenplays. I’ve often mentored there and find it very rewarding. A great place for aspiring Canadian screenwriters—

Music Recommendations

Esmerine—check out their Juno award-winning album, DALMAK
Constellation Records