Reviews of Freewalker

The very best of children’s books seem not to have been written for children at all. That is, they pull no punches, hold nothing back—t least not in their prose—spinning strong stories with rich and fabulous writing. Dennis Foon’s Freewalker, sequel to 2003’s The Dirt Eaters, is like that. This is storytelling that even adults can enjoy: a suspense-filled futuristic fantasy that, at first glance, might seem derivative of Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials series but, on closer inspection, reveals a unique and memorable story in its own right. This time out the children are in a coma that might threaten their lives and Roan and Lumpy must find a cure.
– Lincoln Cho, Ten Best Children’s Books of 2005, January Magazine

That the love you bestowed might bear fruit
I stay behind.
That the spirit you shared be borne witness
I stay behind.
That your light burn bright in my heart
I stay behind.
I stay behind and imagine your flight.

“The Longlight prayer of passing is one of few lasting threads linking Roan to his parents after his entire village is massacred by skull-masked terrors that haunt Roan’s dreams ever after. As the saga continues, Roan discovers power, strength, discipline, and a future that he both dreads and hungers for. Can he find his sister, save his friends, and fulfill his final destiny? We will have to wait and see. Dennis Foon is the author behind the Longlight Legacy, but has written two other young adult novels, including Skud. He has also written many stories for stage, television, and film. His work is known internationally and in several languages, though he lives right here in glorious British Columbia, Canada. Dennis Foon has won a wide variety of awards in all areas of his writing and it is clear why. The Longlight Legacy paperbacks are SF/fantasy adventure novels. They are fairly advanced reading for an elementary school student, so I would recommend these novels to readers ages 13 and up. Dennis Foon creates an enticing, gripping, thrilling, and frankly haunting new world of magic and mystery in the Longlight Legacy. I thought this was an excellent series and I eagerly await the next book in this trilogy. I found myself at a loss when I finished the second book … what could I possibly read to fill the gap until the next book comes out? These books addict you, so, like Jumanji, don’t start unless you intend to finish! Prepare to be drawn in to the world of Longlight, Fairview, the City, the Devastation, and the ever-elusive Dreamfield! I give this series, and its author, five stars for an enthralling read that will take a lifetime to forget!” *****
– Emma, KIdsWWwrite #31 (May 2004)