Photo from the play Seesaw.

I went into all kinds of schools in Winnipeg to talk to kids between the ages of 10 and 12. I saw rich kids in private schools, and less rich kids in core schools. At one point, I was talking to a handful of children who were wearing ripped-up sandals on their feet. It was November, and twenty below outside. They told me about being locked out of the house in this weather, and trying to stay warm under the porch, about fights—on the playground and at home. In the end, I wrote this play, using both actors and puppets, that takes place on all kinds of levels, trying to reflect the complexity of their lives.

The premiere production was blessed by a great cast, and the phenomenally talented director Richard Greenblatt. And to top it off, the set and puppets were designed by Ronnie Burkett, one of the world’s greatest puppet masters. If you want your mind blown, catch one of Ronnie’s absolutely transcendent shows.


Dennis Foon, the country’s leading creator of theatre for young audiences, has struck again. Seesaw is an involving drama for pre-teens that deals with bullying, self-image and media-influenced behavior…no preaching or condescending here. Just real issues, artfully explored.
—Vit Wagner, Toronto Star

As its title implies, it is about the balancing act of life, aimed at young audiences, who daily walk the social tightropes of this modern world.
—John Coulbourn, Toronto Sun

Green Thumb toured Seesaw in North America in 2005-2006

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Seesaw has been extensively performed throughout North America and the UK.